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Architectural consulting

We carry out:
  • Analysis of the possibilities of executing the investment intentions basing on the local spatial management plan or the land development conditions
  • Prognosis of design costs and dates
  • Pre-purchase consulting

Architectural records

We execute:
  •  Floor plans, cross-sections, details, views.

We draw in accordance with the PN-ISO 9836:1997 norm.

Records of buildings which are listed in the register of historical monuments are our specialty.


Development conditions

We prepare:
  •  Architectural concepts for assessment
  •  Applications aiming at obtaining decisions concerning development conditions
  •  Applications for self-government appeal court proceedings

Construction designs

We develop:
  • Architectural concepts in order to be assessed as a design base
  •  Interdisciplinary construction designs in terms of the rebuilding, superstructure and development of existing buildings
  •  Interdisciplinary construction designs in terms of residential-commercial- office building with the area up to 10 000 m2


We work with the Kraków Architecture Researchers in order to:
  • Obtain archival information regarding the designed property
  • Assess the possibilities of remodeling the historical substance
  •  Return the property its initial appearance


In order to receive a subsidy for construction works performed on historical buildings we execute:
  •  Renovation work schedules
  • Construction projects in terms of elevation renovations, changing the woodwork, etc.
  • Gathering applications in order to receive a subsidy
  • Estimates

Designs for gastronomy

We perform:
  • Advising in terms of selecting the type of a gastronomical facility
  • Designing the technology of the gastronomical facility to be accepted by sanitary and epidemiological station
  • Technical designs with guidelines for specific industries (water-sewage, electric, gas, ventilation)
  • Architect’s supervision over the correctness of executing particular works on the construction site

Sales materials

We produce graphic sales materials such as:
  • The investment logo
  • Visualizations of the designed buildings
  • Visualizations of the designed premises
  • Sales brochures, and we also work with a company executing websites

FLC investments

FLCinvestments is a solution for clients who have the funds and plan to hand over the handling of the entire investment process to us. We undertake the management of such a process: starting with selecting the real estate, through designing and construction, and ending with the sale or commercialization. The cooperation is based on co-financing and barter. The goal is to maximize the client’s profits.